Shopkins Party Planning: A Shopkins Birthday Invite

Friday, August 12, 2016

This year my daughter is turning 8 and she has requested a Shopkins party. I have to be honest, I tried to talk her into a different kind of party because off of the top of my head I wasn't really sure what would happen at said Shopkins party. Even though I proposed some other fun ideas, like a rock climbing party, or a baking party, she was adamant about a Shopkins party. Which is when I started googling and searching Pinterest for ideas and I am happy to say we have a party plan that both she and I are excited about. For the next few weeks I am going to share some of the details of what we are doing at this Shopkins bash.

How to make Shopkins Party Invitations.
. . .

When it came to the invitations, I've been looking for an excuse to try out DIY confetti poppers. So when I saw that Hello Splendid did a Shopkins Push Pop Confetti Favor I knew it would be awesome to modify as an invitation. Here's how I did it:

Gather your Supplies:

1- Push Pop Containers - these Wilton ones with the stand were the best deal when I ordered.
2- Shopkins- I ordered a few 20 packs for invitations and to make charms for bracelets (one of our party activities). I am also not sure how many of the girls my daughter is inviting are Shopkins fanatics so I wanted each guest to have a few because we are doing a Shopkins Swap as well.
3- Confetti - I have a stock pile of tissue paper so I custom made mine but you could just as easily buy already shredded paper or pre-made confetti.
4- Labels - I used regular printer paper from my home printer to print these and designed them myself, I made a rectangle that was 3.0185 x 6.1479 inches and then picked two fonts and typed in the info I wanted on the outside of the pop. I also added a warning about this being messy as it is an explosion of confetti and Shopkins.
5- Invite - Printed on regular printer paper as well so I could easily roll this into mini scrolls and place them in the push pop.
6- String or Twine - I found some purple and pink string in our craft drawer, mostly likely the remains of a jewelry kit, to tie the scrolls up twine would also work well.
7- Hot Glue Gun - this is for gluing an optional Shopkin to the top of container, I loved that Jillian at Hello Splendid did this so I followed suit.
8- Scotch Tape- or an alternate adhesive to attach the label to the push pop container.


1- Adhere the label to the container- I used tape but you could also try glue dots or double sided tape for a more seamless look.
2- Roll up the invitation into a mini-scroll and tie with string.
3- Hot glue a Shopkin to the lid, set aside to allow time to cool.
4- Stuff the push pop container. I placed my mini-scroll in first then added the confetti and 3 Shopkins to the inside next; you could easily add more or less or even other mini-figures for different themes.
5- Attach the lid on the container securely.

Gush over the adorable invitations you just made!

My kids couldn't wait to try these out and gladly did this little clasped hand pose just long enough for me to get a picture before they made it rain confetti.

I am still a big believer in the idea that an invitation should set the tone for a party or event. What do you all think? 


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