Mother's Day Gift Guide

Sunday, May 3, 2020

We're excited to share our Mother's Day Gift Guide with you all and even more excited to have it curated by our friend Jayne Eyre of Tabletop Shop. Jayne is multitalented, she has a background in marketing but has recently delved into floral design, as well as started an online boutique that specializes in handcrafted goods for your tabletop. We love the items she's pulled together in this guide and hope you will too.

1- Owl Dessert Plates- I love the colours in these beautiful melamine plates designed by Nathalie Lete and that they make a statement, but most of all I love that they can be used inside or outside, by people of all ages, because melamine is so sturdy and takes some effort to break. A great addition to any mom's hosting arsenal.

2- Glossier Boy Brow- We all know the perfectly groomed eyebrow can be a game changer, and Boy Brow is my go to product. All it takes is a quick, brisk upward stroke across the brows and you're done. No residue, and the colour and hold last all day. Your mom's brows will be ready for whatever the day holds.

3- Nordstrom Lingerie Moonlight Pyjamas- I am convinced that these pyjamas are manufactured in heaven. They are lightweight, soft and smooth as chocolate. They make you look and feel classy as you spend the night (or let's be honest, the day) in their embrace.

4- Millie Marotta Coloring Book- Colouring has been my favourite pastime since I was a little girl. I like to say that I was colouring before it became trendy. All that aside, I am a big believer in it. I spent my entire flight from Mexico to San Francisco, several months ago, colouring to calm my nerves after hearing that my husband's work might not allow us to return to Singapore because of the coronavirus outbreak. Luckily, we made it back and it further solidified my belief in colouring as a form of relaxation-and these colouring books by Millie Marotta are some of my favourites. What mom doesn't need a little relaxation?

5- Tony's Chocolonely Rainbow Bundle- If your mom loves sweets, send this chocolate rainbow her way. The packaging is gorgeous, and the chocolate tastes even better than it looks. With a mix of dark  and milk chocolate, plus a white chocolate popping candy bar, you are sure to please all palates. And bonus, this company has a mission to make chocolate slave free, so your purchase will support that worthy cause as well.

6 Houseplant Puzzle- Puzzles have seemingly taken the world by storm as of late- but as an avid puzzler pre-pandemic, I have two favourite puzzle brands Galison, (who makes the puzzle picture above) because their colours and designs make puzzling even more fun and Dowdle. Eric Dowdle paints each of his puzzles as he travels to different cities, making them fun and personal gifts to give.

7- Picking Posies Apron- Who else is finding themselves in the kitchen a lot more lately? Whether its because of bread making or cooking up some comfort foods, this cheery apron is sure to endow the wearer with some of its feel good energy.

8- Mother of Pearl Love Token- Catbird NYC makes beautifully delicate pieces- this love token seems especially perfect for the mothers in our lives. You can gift it as is for her to slip on a favourite chain. 


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