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Thursday, June 16, 2016

How many of you had sticker albums growing up? Sticker albums were definitely a thing at my house, so when I heard about Pipsticks, a monthly sticker club, I wanted to immediately sign up. Then I remembered a few of the sticker mishaps we've had, like stickers on the car doors and wood floors and told myself it would be better to wait until my kids got a little bit older.

Now my kids are 7 and 3 and for the most part they have stopped putting stickers places they are not supposed; since they are ever so much more mature this summer and generally use their stickers on paper or on their bodies I figured we would be go to go with the Kids Club Classic. This one runs $14.95 a month, there is also a Kid's Club Petite option for $9.95.

Our first envelope arrived this past weekend and I gathered the kids around to divvy up the goods yesterday. Let me start by saying that their marketing is awesome. Exhibit A: the packaging

. . .

I love good packaging so I was delighted by how the stickers arrived.

Once I opened the package I laid everything out for us to admire, and admire we did. How great is that blank postcard, with postage included, this went to my oldest to create something with. Also included are some prompts on using the stickers as well as a few sheets of colorful paper.

The stickers themselves are wonderfully diverse, puffy, sparkly, varying subject matter and size and my kids were extremely excited about having this influx of stickers to add to their stash.

There is also a section on the Pipsticks site dedicated to sticker projects- I can't wait to try out the sticker crowns and mandalas with my kids.

Bottom line: we're big fans of Pipsticks so far, and are excited to get our envelope next month. My one question is how long we will stick with this during the school year as our free time isn't as plentiful then. I'll have to update you when school starts back up.

Have you tried Pipsticks or another subscription box you like? We'd love to hear which ones have been hits with you all!


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