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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Hi Friends!

Welcome to Tee & Penguin, a place where we share a lot about kids books and reading, as well as some of our thoughts on our favorite kids toys. We are both passionate about reading and finding good books to read with our kids.

Our goal is to raise "readers of books" and enjoy ourselves in the process. We will be sharing book recommendations, giving tips on how to start and build a home library, and give insights into what works for our families when it comes to reading and play.

We believe in making reading and play meaningful and fun. There are so many toys and books to choose from that we wanted to create a resource for families to reference when looking for that perfect book for your 2 year old or finding a wonderful gift for your child's best friend.

We believe in kids being creators, inventors, builders, thinkers, problems solvers and good citizens and we think that reading and play are an important part of how they become those things.



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